4U Battery Pack
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4U Battery Pack

Pack design, more flexible for expansion
Easy installation,easy maintenance,quick plug terminal
LiFePo4 cells, more reliable
Excellent heat dissipation
High cost-effective

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Product Description

Medel A-4850 A-48100 A-48150 A-48200
Standard Voltage 48VDC
Voltage 37.5-54.75VDC
Nominal Capacity 50Ah 100Ah 150A 200Ah
Rated Capacity 2.4kWh 4.8kWh 7.2kWh 9.6kWh
Commumication CAN/RS485/WIFI/4G/BlueTooth
Efficiency (at 0.5C) 98%
Cell Self-Discharge <5%/Month
Maximum Allowed Modules in Parallel 15 (36KWh) 15(72KWh) 15 (108KWh) 15 (144KWh)
DoD Up to 100%
Service Life 8-10 Years
Cycle Time 6000 ( 80%DoD)
Protection Overtemperature,overcurrent,shortcircuit,over-charging,over-discharging,Lowvoltage
Charge Specifications
Recommended Charge Current 25A 50A 50A 50A
Max imum Charge Cument 50A 100A 100A 100A
Hecommended Charge Vditage 54V 54V 54V 54V
Mwimum Charge vollage 54.75W 54.75V 54.75V 54.75V
Discharge Specifications
Recommended Discharge Curnent 25A 50A 50A 50A
Maximum Decharge Current 50A 100A 100A 100A
Recommended Low Volage Disconnect 41.25V
Battery Low Voltage Protection 39.75V
Battery Recovery Voltage 45V
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension 484*410*120mm 484*410*178mm 484*590*178mm 484*590*178mm
Weight 24.5KG 38.5KG 59KG 70.5KG
Terminal Type M6
Enclosure Material Industrial Grade Iron
Enclosure Protection P20
Installation Cabinet
Cell Type Chemistry LiFePo4
Temperature Specifications
Discharge Temperature 20-65℃ -20-65℃ -20-65℃ 20-65℃
Charge Temperature 0~55℃ 0-55℃ 0~55℃ 0~55℃
Storage Temperature -20-45℃ -20-45℃ -20-45℃ -20-45℃
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