5.6KW 5.12KWH NE
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5.6KW 5.12KWH NE

All-in-one Design
Integrated with off grid inverter and battery packs
Two output modes
mains by pass and inverter output and support UPS
Flexible Expansion
Can parallel up to 3 inverters and 6 battery packs
Intelligent Monitoring
Realtime remote monitoring of mobile apps,supporting iOS and Android, or optional WIFI/GPRS

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Product Description

Model NE-5600 NE-11200 NE-16800
Maximum discharge power of mains 5.6KW 5.6KW 11.2KW 16.8KW
Energy storage capacity(KWh) 5.12-30.72 10.24-30.72 15.36-30.72
Rated grid output current 25.5A 51A 76.5A
Maximum charging power of mains 5KW 10KW 15KW
Maximum PV charging power 5600W 11200W 16800W
Maximum PV charging current 25.5A 51A 76.5A
Number of MPPT/Number of individual MPPT strings
1/1 2/2 3/3
Maximum DC charging current 100A 200A 300A
Maximum DC discharge current 120A 240A 360A
Rated AC voltage 220V/230Vac Inverter weight 20KG-60KG
Rated AC grid frequency 50Hz Battery pack weight 55KG-330KG
Maximum PV opencircuit voltage 500Vdc Standby power <10W
MPPT voltage range 120-450Vdc Noise level <60dB
Rated battery voltage 51.2V Relative humidity 5% to 90%
Standard charging/discharging current 50A(0.5C) Maximum charging/discharging current 120A(1.2C)
Cyce Times 3000-5000cycles 80%SOC Communicate RS485/WiFi/GPRS
Power factors 0.98 Heat dissipation method Forced air cooling
temperature Discharge working -20℃~65℃ temperature Charging operating 0℃~65℃
Storage temperature 0℃~35℃ Protection grade IP54
Battery pack size 200mm*400mm*600mm Alttude <2000m
Inverter size 200mm*400mm*600mm (W*T*H)
Warranty period Inverter for 2 years,battery pack for 10 years(or 3000 cycles with priority)
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